8 Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Invitations

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

Millennial weddings are all about personalisation! Young couples are constantly looking for ways to add their own personal touch to their weddings and what better idea than to start with the element that sets the tone of your wedding- the invitations. Here are some of our favourite ways you can personalise your wedding invites. Read on.

Add an element of quirk by incorporating your professions in the invite

Image by Pink Whistle Man

Let your wedding invitations speak about your jobs, professions, businesses in a fun and quirky way. These can be light-hearted and twisted in a way to reveal the couple's story using a few elements of their professions, just like this stunning wedding invitation of an interior designer.

Opt for a beautifully handwritten invitation

Image by Bombay Lettering Company

There is nothing more personal and heart-touching than a beautifully handwritten note. Imagine receiving one by your friend for their wedding. It's sure to take the 'aww' factor a notch higher. You can also incorporate special notes for your closest friends and family numbers and make the invite a lot more personal.

Let your caricatures do all the talking

Image by Itchha Talreja Designs

If you are a light-hearted, fun-loving couple then having a quirky caricature of yourself on your wedding invitation is surely a perfect way to reflect your personalities through your invites. It helps set the fun and euphoric tone of your wedding and helps your guests know what to expect from your big day!

Incorporate your wedding monogram and hashtag into the wedding

Image by Radhika Pitti Studio

Your wedding invitation is a perfect way to educate your guests with your wedding hashtag and monogram. These elements can be extended through all your wedding stationery and decor and thus help create a branding and identity for your big day.

Base the theme of your invite on the destination of your wedding

Image by Itchha Talreja Designs

Let the theme of your wedding invitation have the facades of your wedding venue. If you are getting married at a gorgeous destination, let the peculiarities of the place reflect through your invitation. It is only going to add up to the excitement of your guests and make them extremely enthusiastic about your wedding.

Include the themes of your functions in the design

Image by The Murphy Studio

Your wedding invitation is a classic way of explaining the theme of your functions to your guests. The colour palette, design elements and wording can perfectly summarise your themes and help them know what to expect from the event and how to dress up for it.

Seal your invites with your monogram to make it personal

Image by Bombay Lettering Company

Take your monogram game a notch higher by having specially customised wax seals to seal your invite envelopes with. After all, who doesn't like opening a vintage-style sealed envelope?

Let your love story be a part of the invitation

Image by Pink Whistle Man

If you have a classic love story that led up to your wedding, then you should definitely opt for incorporating it in your wedding invite. This stunning invite was made for actor-politician Nusrat Jahan who married Nikhil Jain, who runs Rangoli, a well-known ethnic wear brand. The couple had met for an assignment for the clothing brand and thus immortalised their wedding invitation with a 'stitching' themed invite. You too can retain a gorgeous element of your love story and incorporate it in your wedding invite to add a gorgeous personal touch to it.