Wedding Alternatives For Couples Who Are Postponing Their Celebrations Due To Covid-19

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

First things first, a warm virtual hug to all couples out there working on postponing their weddings amidst the lockdown. We get you and all the pain you are going through right now! While we agree how heartbreaking it is for you to reschedule the most important day of your lives, we also know that love doesn’t ever stand cancelled! You are going to emerge out of this stronger, happier, healthier and much more in love with each other! So while you deal with innumerable vendor discussions, zoom meetings, calendar checking and guestlist revisiting all in an attempt to postpone your celebrations, here are a few of our favourite wedding options you might want to consider for your new dates! Have a look and let us know if you find them helpful!

An Intimate Destination Wedding

Image by ShotStories by Varun Suresh

A personal favourite of ours, this is one alternative we’ll never be tired of promoting! Plan a close-knit affair with your dearest family members and friends to a close-by hill-station or beautiful beach resort in your hometown, since the lift on travel restrictions still seems to appear like a distant dream. With a guestlist limited to 30-50 people closest to the couple, you and planners can ensure the proper implementation of social distancing while still being able to have a fun celebration.

An Elopement Style Wedding

Image by Kevin Garnet

Not to an exotic foreign destination, but you can definitely elope to a close-by scenic place with just your parents and siblings in tow for a super close, elopement wedding, post lockdown! Have your planner plan the venue, itinerary and decor for you and get your favourite photographer to click some mesmerising shots of you having a lovely time with your family members. Take our word here, elopement weddings do have a pleasant charm of their own!

A Simple Wedding With A Fun Celebration Once Things Settle

Image by House On The Clouds

Think of a simple pheras or exchange of vows at home, your farmhouse or any other venue of your choice as soon as the lockdown ends followed by a fun party once the industry is back in action. This will ensure that you don’t miss out spending any more time with your partner and will also help you plan a reception soiree of your dreams at ease. You’ll be able to have a better idea of the available dates and it will also help you plan your wedding expenses efficiently.

Have a Backyard Wedding!

Image by Epic Stories

Another choice of ours is a fun-filled, boisterous backyard wedding party. You can either have it hosted in your own backyard or rent out an AirBNB, but that is once we all get a clear idea of the restrictions. Throw in some fairy lights, have a rustic decor, a blazing barbecue and some soothing music to make the evening memorable for all!

A Classic Dinner Party

Image by Naman Verma

Do we even elaborate this? Again a fun celebration only for you and your closest folks, a classic drinks and dinner party with lots of fun games and good music would be another way to have a pocket-friendly, Insta-worthy celebration.

Not only will these alternatives help you have a fun, cozy time with your loved ones, it will also help you with a little savings here and there. Don’t mistake us- we know this is the biggest day of your life and you want it to be as special as it can! But with so many huge celebrations being cancelled and all the economic activities turning upside down, these kinds of close-knit celebrations will only help you save an extra buck, all the while having a great time with the ones who really matter!

We aren’t asking you to be frugal here. Opt for your favourite vendors. Go for the decor of your choice, ensure that the food is unmatchable and and there is nobody else but the choicest photographer clicking you on your big day! But do make sure that while you get yourself all engaged in replanning your big day, your health, wealth and future is at its secured best!