Wedding Planning In The Time Of Corona - All That You Need To Know

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If you are a couple planning your wedding in this time of myriad of unprecedented challenges, then sit back and relax. We know the possibilities of the lockdown extending further are endless and picking a date right now only seems to be a clueless task. We understand the situation you find yourself stuck in and believe us- there are thousands of clueless couples out there right now exactly in the same position as you are! So while we cannot completely take the burden of you, as much as we wish we could, here are a few details you might find helpful during this time.

First things first, Safety!

While we may provide you with the best solutions to your wedding planning woes, we highly recommend you to keep following up with the regular updates posted by World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, along with using the Aarogya Setu app, for knowing and understanding the correct safety measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

My wedding was supposed to happen this summer - what should I do?

If you were planning to get married in the months of March, April or May, then your wedding has probably already been either cancelled or rescheduled. With the lift of the lockdown currently appearing like a distant dream, we highly recommend you to speak to your vendors at your earliest and discuss an alternative suitable to both yourself and them! At times like these, in which the entire country and especially the event industry suffers a massive blow, our best advice to you would be to consider rescheduling and replanning your celebrations rather than cancelling them off altogether! Consider the loss your vendors might suffer, who otherwise would have put their hearts and souls into making your big day bigger! We suggest you go beyond the confines of the trade, have heartfelt, friendly discussions with them and come to a conclusion that suits the pockets and well-being of both you and your vendors!

Here a few suggestions on what you should be discussing

Possible Dates- While you really cannot predict the date or period when the market will be bouncing back to normal, you can still have a conversation on whether your vendors will be able to accommodate a new date and give their existing clients a priority once things start appearing normal.

Possibility of reduced costs- Ask your vendors if they can help you reduce a few extra costs here and there. Also check with your planners if they haven’t booked certain services already and if you can still alter them.

Cancellation Policies- Discuss the cancellation and postponement policies again and have a clear, unambiguous idea of the amount that will be deducted on cancelling a day, week and month prior to the main event.

Rescaling Policies- Talk to your vendors about the possibility of rescaling your celebrations. This would be an option favourable to both parties considering the policy of social distancing that we all might have to follow in the near future. There might also be a legal limit on the number of people attending a gathering. Rescaling would help your vendor by not having to return the booking amount and you too can have a lovely wedding surrounded by your closest ones.

Contingencies and Replacements- While vendors residing in the same town as yours might still be able to help you plan a good, intimate wedding nearby, it might be a huge problem for outstation vendors considering the ban and restrictions on travels. Ask your vendors if they can provide you with a replacement from the same town as yours who might be able to help.

What are the steps to follow while I postpone my wedding?

While it can be extremely heartbreaking and exhausting to go through the entire process of planning your wedding again, know that you have already done this before and can definitely do it with as much zest and perseverance, again! Here are a few steps you can follow:

Breathe in, relax and let the reality sink in. You can do this!

Decide a new date or period which you want to postpone your celebrations to.

Call your wedding vendors, explain your decision to them and check if they can accommodate the new date.

If your vendors aren’t able to do so, discuss alternative options and review the cancellation policies together.

Reconsider your wedding expense, guestlist and all the other big and small details.

Inform your friends and family about the new wedding date through a fun ‘Change the Date’ card.

Once the new date of your wedding is announced, sit back, smile and relax. Good times are coming!

Here’s a handy checklist you can use:

Well my wedding hasn’t been rescheduled yet! But I was planning to get married in Winter 2020. What should I do?

If you are a couple who was planning to get married at the end of this year or the start of the next, there still is a little possibility of you not having to reschedule your wedding. As it is always advisable to be best prepared for the worst, we recommend all couples getting married in the future to immediately opt for wedding insurance! It will not only help safeguard your big day, it will also ensure that a large amount of your expenses is saved in case of an emergency. But talking of planning, if you are still keen on sticking to your existing dates, do know that although the lockdown might get lifted, we will still have to follow the policies of social distancing for quite some time in the future and mass gatherings will be restricted! We best advise you to consider planning warm, intimate weddings hosted only for your closest friends and family members! Also, in times like these, do not forget to support small vendors while you plan your big day. It will only help you put smiles on the faces of many and help you earn innumerable blessings!

But what if I still want to get married right now?

For Indian couples who were supposed to get married now, this season, and do not want to, at any cost, have their weddings postponed, there still is a ray of hope for you! Although you can tie the knot in the confines of your homes, with just your parents in tow, you can have all your friends and relatives join in and become a part of your happiness through video conferencing and zoom parties!

However, we would keep recommending you to strictly follow the rules stated by your state government while deciding to take any step, all the while practising the golden mandate of social distancing, hand-washing and wearing masks!