10 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Address From Home During The Lockdown

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

Image by Ani Wollin

Due to the most unforeseen circumstances, year 2020 has gotten us holed up in our homes and let’s admit- we are, kind of, in a love-hate relationship with the lockdown! While this break has given us quite a good opportunity to work on our health, beauty and relaxation better, it has also brought our wedding planning chores to a standstill! While we too, just like you, are absolutely clueless about when the wedding season will be back in action again, we have been working relentlessly to ensure that you end up using this period of lockdown to its fullest potential. So without wasting much ado, here are the 10 wedding planning tasks you can accomplish during this period, from your homes!

Shortlist, Compare, Select and Organize Your Vendors

Vendor selection is not an easy process and the practise only becomes more difficult during our usual heavily-packed schedules. Use this period of lockdown to get done with this process of shortlisting and selecting your vendors. Begin with shortlisting professionals as per your budget and taste, compare their work and select your favourite ones after having a good conversation with them. Most of the vendors will be free for a detailed talk during this time and you can use it fully to understand them and their work better. Also, do not forget to organize all your vendors clearly in a spreadsheet. This will only help you and your family in the final few days prior to the wedding, when you would want to delegate duties and vendor management to your friends and relatives.

Planning Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Your pre-wedding shoot pictures are supposed to be a reflection of what you and your partner are as a couple. Use this off-duty period to understand your tastes better and plan your shoot based on what you like. Have a discussion with your photographer, talk about the various creative aspects you can explore together as a team and consider a number of themes that would suit your aesthetics the best. This would also be the correct time to look for various locations for your shoot. Search for pictures shot at these destinations, best time and season to shoot and start planning it likewise!

Learn Through Tutorials

For brides who like to keep it simple for some functions, now is the perfect time to watch as many makeup and hair tutorials as you can. Also use this time to practise some handy tricks and tips and check various looks that suit you. You never know when a Eureka moment will strike and you might end up learning the perfect DIY look for your Mehndi or Sangeet!

Work on Your Wedding Registry

Although a novel concept to the Indian wedding market, a lot of millennial couples are opting for registries when it comes to wedding gifting. These registries help you choose your wedding gifts and save the money of your loved ones from getting wasted on goods or services which you wouldn’t need. With a lot of time at your disposal, you can use this period to think and rethink over all the things you would need after your wedding and add them to your wedding registry!

Perfect Them Sangeet Moves!

One thing brides end up complaining a lot about is not having any time at hand to rehearse their Sangeet performance. If you are a bride who loves dancing, use this time to learn some groovy moves through online dance tutorials and practise them before the mirror. Post lockdown, you’re sure to turn out excellently rehearsed for the grand performance!

Create DIY Wedding Favours

If your nearest supermarket has grocery items available in abundance, you can use this period to whip up some delicious long-lasting recipes like jams and pickles which you can use as your wedding favours. However, we would recommend doing this only if you plan to get married as soon as the lockdown ends. You can also opt for goodies like DIY soaps and candles, but we would suggest you to refrain from hoarding goods and travelling to distant places to fetch ingredients. Do not forget, staying safe at home is the new cool!

How About Some Fun DIY Decor?

If you are a creatively inclined person and have a lot of art stuff at home, you can definitely work on some fun DIY decor elements like a photobooth, photo-props, danglers, festoons, centrepieces etc during this time. It will keep you away from getting bored and also help your wedding decor get sorted easily!

Rewrite Your Wedding Vows

The pandemic and lockdown has surely reintroduced to us an entirely new set of problems, hurdles, emotions and also our own selves! While a lot of people have been facing a number of emotional rollercoasters everyday while being locked down, it would only be appropriate to rewrite your wedding vows now to reassure your partner that you’re always going to be there by their side, in every problem or situation like this!

Curate Your Wedding Playlist

We simply cannot stop reiterating the importance of your wedding playlist! It’s the playlist that’s going to set the tone of your wedding and determine the mood of your guests. It is also the personal reflection of the personalities of the couple and hence it’s extremely important to choose your playlist wisely and selectively. Use this time to work on this task of choosing the perfect songs for your playlist and ensure that every number is an absolute favourite of you and your partner!

Have Detailed Discussions

Once your wedding preparations begin in full swing, you'll be barely left with any time to have discussions with your family, in-laws and your partner as well. Now is the perfect time to talk to each other on everything right from the length of your guest list to the theme of your reception and have all the details planned together to ensure that everyone's on the same page and there's no room for confusions and ambiguity later!