Wedding Trends 2020 - Bridal Makeup and Fashion Trends For Contemporary Brides

Published by - The Wed Post | 12 minute read

Year 2020 is here bringing along a myriad of new trends and styles to the wedding industry. While the yesteryear was all about trying fresh takes on traditional big fat weddings, the new year promises a whimsical amalgam of wedding trends - with a few borrowed from the last year and a few completely new! So without wasting much time, here are the top bridal makeup and hair trends to up your beauty game this year!

Say Bye To Heavy Makeup

Image by Namrata Soni

Most brides will opt for the no-makeup look, which means a thin layer of foundation, a light eyeshadow, a slight bit of highlighter and bronzer to accentuate their cheekbones, a very nude lip – basically, a makeup look that hides every flaw and ensures you look picture perfect without actually seeming like you have any makeup on. Gear up makeup artists, this look isn’t easy to perfect!

Effortless Curls FTW!

Image by Amrit Kaur

You know those curls that look totally natural? Those ‘I woke up like this’ kind of messy curls? That’s what we’re predicting to see in the upcoming bridal hairstyles. Gone are the days when brides want to show how much effort they put into their hair and makeup; it’s all about looking natural and effortless and we’re totally on board!

Falsies Are A Thing Of The Present!

Image by Namrata Soni

Move over false eyelashes, you’ve got severe competition. Now makeup artists won’t have to worry about spending time making those false eyelashes look real, because most brides will probably have eyelash extensions before their wedding day. Once you start wearing falsies, it’s kind of hard to go back to your basic eyelashes, so we’re thinking a lot of brides are sure to opt for eyelash extensions in 2020!

Let The Braiding Begin

Image by Ritika Kadam

We have no doubt that we’re going to see some mesmerising braiding in 2020. From loose fishtail braids to neat French braids, from twisted braids to the classic 4 strand braid, we’re going to see them all!

Keep The Foundation Light

Image by Dramaeinbaaz

In 2020, you won’t see people buying full coverage foundations. Keeping with the whole ‘natural makeup’ look, most brides and makeup artists will prefer to use low to medium coverage foundations so that the skin looks natural and stays breathable and glowing. No more cakey foundation, only weightless foundation! To hide any flaws, of course the experts can use concealer.

It’s All Needles With Micro-needling

Image via @goldenlife_spa

Micro-needling is going to become even more common in 2020 because more and more people have realized that this is the best way to make their skin look hydrated, fresh and youthful. Micro-needling prevents signs of ageing, reduces fine lines and rejuvenates your skin. This, coupled with collagen treatments, is what most brides should opt for before their big day.

The Focus Is On Personalization

Image by Bare Anatomy

We see all brides consciously moving towards personalized beauty and skincare this year. That means, using personalized products that have been curated specifically for your skin type and hair type. These custom services are gaining momentum in 2020, and we recommend that you start using these products at least 6 months before your big day for maximum results.

Embrace The All-New French Manicures

Image via Pinterest

French manicures are a classic, and we think a classic should never be tampered with. However, the beauty industry has decided to switch it up a notch and bedazzle the French manicure. So, instead of just white tips, the latest trend in nail art is going to be a French manicure with jewel tips to really make your nails shine.

Make Way For Metallics

Image by House On The Clouds

We’re predicting a lot of metallic colours in 2020. Metallic nail polish is going to be a big thing. For a funky-themed youngsters or a happening sangeet, a lot of brides are going to opt for metallic lipstick. But more than anything, we see a rise in metallic eyeshadows. While some brides may go down the nude makeup route, some are sure to experiment with metallic makeup.

Monochrome Makeup

Image by Makeup By Pompy

Basically, your eyeshadow is going to match your blush which is going to match your lip colour. If it doesn’t match yet, it’s about time it started matching because monochrome makeup is going to become very popular. Of course, we recommend using shades of blush pink, light nudes and soft peach for this look.

A Pop Of Colour

Image by The Wedding Story

While some people might prefer the monochrome look, there are sure to be some who won’t and instead opt for that one pop of colour. No-makeup makeup and a pop of colour with blue eyeliner. Nude makeup and a pop of colour with wine coloured lipstick. Dewy makeup and a pop of colour with the eyeshadow. You get the idea!