Wedding Trends 2020 - Fashion Trends for Grooms

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

Year 2020 is finally here bringing along a myriad of new trends and styles to the wedding industry. While the yesteryear was all about trying fresh takes on traditional big fat weddings, the new year promises a whimsical amalgam of wedding trends with a few borrowed from the last year and a few completely new! So without wasting much time, here are the top groom fashion trends to up your style game this year.

Quirky Accessories

Image by Delhi Velvet

2020 is the year to experiment and we are all for grooms who like to do it the quirky way. From floral safas in pastel shades to funky socks and ties and whimsical cufflinks, now is the time to rock them all! We are sure they'll help you win some brownie points from the lady!

Men's Jewellery

Whoever says that jewellery is only for women is lying! From stunning neckpieces to brooches, jewellery has always been an integral part of an Indian groom's trousseau. However, with 2020 being the year of balancing minimalistic elegance with extravagant elements, we are rooting to see more of grooms sporting stunning jewellery pieces.


Image by Sabyasachi

It's all about the details. With more and more millennial grooms paying keen attention to their outfits, the year is all set to witness some breathtaking grooms outfits. While we are all excited to see more vibrant printed or checkered suits worn by grooms, ethnic wear is all set to get more personalised, with grooms adding elements like their love story and special dates to the outfit, all while coordinating it with the bride's.


Image by Lightbucket Productions

We have all seen innumerable pictures of brides, clicked elegantly through and before the ceremonies. However, our dear grooms comparatively often go unnoticed and unclicked through the wedding. We are hoping to see more of stunning, regal groom portraits this year, impressing us as much as their bride's do!