Wedding Trends 2020 - Invitation Trends For Millennial Weddings

Published by - The Wed Post | 8 minute read

Year 2020 is here bringing along a myriad of new trends and styles to the wedding industry. While the yesteryear was all about trying fresh takes on traditional big fat weddings, the new year promises a whimsical amalgam of wedding trends - with a few borrowed from the last year and a few completely new! So without wasting much time, here are the top wedding invitation trends for millennial weddings!

Save The Dates

Image by Pink Whistle Man

Save the dates are already very common, but we’re sure that they’re going to become even more popular in 2020. As soon as the couple is certain of the wedding date, they can quickly create a save the date that the families along with the couple can share with their loved ones. Of course, this helps people apply for leaves in advance and plan ahead, for bridesmaids to get their outfits ready, etc.

E-vites Are The New Invites

Image by The Murphy Studio

E-vites are cheaper and a more sustainable option rather than printing actual invites, they can be sent to your guests within seconds (all hail WhatsApp) and you don’t need to worry about sending an accompanying wedding favour with it. And with green-weddings becoming a thing in 2020, e-vites are sure to become more popular. Another advantage is that you can really experiment with it – it could be a video, a caricature or a really quirky GIF along with the wedding dates. It is only limited to your imagination and not the colour palette of the printer.

Let's Get Animated

Image via Pinterest

Animated wedding invites are going to be pretty popular in 2020. This could be in the form of a hand-drawn caricature of the couple, an animated video depicting the couple’s story or one of how she said yes. Keep in mind, these animated videos are usually made by skilled graphic artists and professional video animators, so these will definitely cost a little. But, they’re personalized and there is no other wedding invite like yours out there, so, at the end of the day, it is money well spent.

Monochromatic Beauty

Image by Radhika Pitti Studio

By definition, monochrome means varying notes of one single colour, and that’s what the wedding invitation designers have perfected in 2020. You’re going to see a lot of monochrome wedding invitations – shades of baby pink, hues of blue and green, subtle tones of peach and rose gold, royal greens and navy blues, it’s in every possible colour. You’ll see a hint of another colour from the same family tree or a pop of colour to break the symmetry, but overall, we think these invites look gorgeous.

Nothing Says Personal Like A Hand Calligraphed Wedding Invite

Image by Bombay Lettering

To add a personal touch, a lot of couples are now opting for handwritten wedding invites. This basically involves getting a calligrapher who will hand write each and every invitation. It’s a lot of effort, takes quite a bit of time and you’ll definitely spend a little more, but the end result is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re looking for an elegant and classy wedding invite, handwritten ones are the way to go.

Wax Seals And All Their Feels

Image by Bombay Lettering

Ah, wax seals add such a regal and vintage touch to the whole wedding invite. They’ve become very popular in the wedding industry, and we can totally understand why. They look so elegant, add such a sophisticated touch to the invitation and the whole package just looks so refined. Plus, as the couple of the hour, you can always design your own logo or have your initials imprinted in the wax seal. Your guests are going to absolutely love receiving them.

Take The Green Route

Image by Hitchcock Paper

As mentioned earlier, green weddings have become quite popular in 2020. With people becoming more environmentally conscious, getting invites printed on seed paper is a great option. So once you read the invite, you sow it into the soil. And within a few weeks, voila, you have a new plant! There are also people choosing to print their wedding invites on recyclable paper – it’s one way of doing your bit for the environment.

An Acrylic Affair

Image by Artsy Design Co

Acrylic wedding invites are another big thing in 2020. These could be hand-painted, simple acrylic slabs with metallic text, gorgeous floral one’s and so on. These look young and fresh, they’re very different from the regular wedding invites, they can totally be used as wall decor and best of all, these are so new that you’re probably going to be the first person in your friend group to send them out!

Less Is More, Always!

Image via Pinterest

We have always been advocates of minimal elegance. We think that less is more, and finally, the wedding industry has started to agree. We’re seeing more and more simple invites doing the round. Simple colour palettes like white and black, cream and gold, rose gold and grey, white, green and navy blue.. you get the point. Classic borders, simple fonts, precise text and elegant colours – that is what makes an invitation look timeless!