Why Choosing The Right Music Is Important For Your Wedding

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

Plato once said that "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul" and we couldn’t agree more. Music has the power to heal and uplift. Music adds emotions to the various phases of life and in India, no auspicious occasion is complete without some musical beats and tunes. While we Indians have a ton full of traditional, folk numbers especially curated for making weddings musical, each generation also adds their own touch of music to weddings, making Indian wedding music a dynamic, vast and ever-thriving concept. However, how do you choose the perfect playlist for your weddings, you ask? Well, to answer that, we need to first know why music plays an important role in weddings. Here you go…

Music sets the tone of your wedding

From lively and upbeat to romantic and poignant, each wedding has a distinct aura and ambience of its own. Your wedding playlist plays an extremely important role in determining this ambience as it sets the tone of the function and also directs the mood of the guests attending it.

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It brings people together

Weddings are an amalgam of different families, friends, and even cultures and traditions at times. Your wedding music is what helps break barriers and brings people together. A lively, timeless music soundtrack enables people to loosen up themselves and have a time of their life, together with everyone else!

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Music is an instant entertainer

While your close friends and family members are sure to be tied in a large number of duties and activities throughout the wedding, the other distant guests are sure to feel bored and out of place if there isn’t anything to keep them entertained. A fun musical track playing in the background can keep people engaged subconsciously and not let anybody feel dull or bored.

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People will remember your wedding by the music you choose

While the yummiest of dishes can be forgotten once its taste wears off, music is one thing can people carry home with themselves. As we said earlier, music affects the mood and state of mind of the listener subconsciously, and thus a good soundtrack is sure to make the guests carry fun, happy memories of your wedding back home!

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It gives away a glimpse of your personalities

Everything in your wedding talks volumes about the personalities of you and your partner and so does the music you choose. From Bollywood masala numbers to good old jazz, the playlist you choose for your wedding will let all your friends, relatives, in-laws and other guests know about your likes, dislikes and all the other elements that make up your personalities!