Why You Should Choose To Have An Intimate Wedding…

Published by - The Wed Post | 5 minute read

Image by The Wedding Story

The pandemic has changed our known ways of life and how! A few wedding celebrations have happened at home during this time, many postponed and here’s the chance to take a step back and really think about how you want to do this. Why is it that you want to get married and how? 

Most of us have dreamed about how this day would look like for years and wait to plan every little detail in anticipation of that day, but let’s talk a little bit about what a wedding should really be all about? This time in isolation has given us a renewed perspective about weddings in India and the very purpose of this event. Have we lost the essence of one of the biggest moments in our life? If you got married in recent times, could you really say that it was an energising or exhausting experience? And how would you want it to be? So, let’s also rethink this along with everything else in our lives right now. 

We can’t say we’re all for the big fat weddings with an endless guest count, because that wouldn’t be our style or what we believe in at all. We’d pick an intimate, meaningful celebration any day! ‘Why?’ you ask! We believe that a wedding is a very personal, important event in one’s life, one which should be a genuine celebration of the two people coming together, sharing their promises to each other and beginning a life with one another having their closest and loved ones around to happily celebrate this moment! That’s what we truly believe it should be about. And that’s what we strive to put out there for all the modern brides and grooms to-be! We know & work with a ton of talented and passionate wedding professionals as well who are excitedly waiting to work on the little details and quirks of your big day and we can’t wait to help you plan beautiful, happy, stress-free weddings! 

Let your celebration be about who you are - individually and as a couple, of where you come from, of both your quirks and characteristics and what you love about each other. Celebrate with your families and close friends. And make sure you consciously cherish each moment - moments of happiness, of love, of true celebration! 

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