The wedding of your dreams. Within your budget. Surrounded by loved ones

The Wed Post is thrilled to offer our exclusive wedding consultation service for modern Indian brides and grooms to plan their big day with effortless ease. We, along with our handpicked brigade of the best vendors in your city, assure the perfect intimate wedding celebration with your loved ones.

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While planning a big fat celebration, we often miss the essence of what a wedding is really be about. The couple, the union and experiencing every moment of this life-changing event is what we believe modern couples are all about!

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Celebrate with those who truly matter

Call your closest bunch of family and friends that would absolutely love to celebrate this moment with you! Party it up with those who truly care and matter the most to you and your partner and these priceless memories are sure to stay in your hearts forever!

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Save a whole lot of money!

Let’s be real - a big fat wedding is going to cost a ton of money and so is setting up a future together. So why not have a beautiful and intimate wedding and also save up on a whole lot of money to get your life together started? Speak to you partner, decide on the things you absolutely can’t do without and the things you can, and start planning a meaningful ceremony everyone including you will love and enjoy!

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An intimate wedding means much lesser people, and lesser obligations too! With the help of our curated directory, choose the best wedding vendors in your city and focus only on having the best time of your lives with your partner! It’s your wedding, your way - with people you can just be yourself around! We’re sure you’re liking the sound of that, huh?