Malvika and Akhil - A Celebration Of Everlasting, Ever-thriving Love!

Published by - The Wed Post | 8 minute read

We've all heard about how once a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale! While some have it the easy way, there are others who experience romance in a way that's nothing short of a roller coaster ride in itself! So is the enthralling love story of India's favourite fashion and beauty blogger Malvika and her beau of 10 years, Akhil, who decided to seal the deal with a splendid engagement party in Mumbai in November 2019.

A beautiful journey of 10 years, that comprised of innumerable ups and downs, an exciting college romance, long-distance courtship, breakups and makeups, finally culminated into a bond for life, and how!

Here's to a fun celebration of love and euphoria and to the testament that true love thrives if you constantly uplift each other and really want to go the extra mile for the one you love. Just like Malvika did for Akhil, and he did for her!

Spectacularly shot by LightBucket Productions, this gorgeous brunch was hosted at Escobar in Mumbai. With an elegant all-white theme, the party was all about the couple having the time of their lives, celebrating their union with the ones they love the most. The party made for some amazing pictures and a film that took our breath away. Have a look, yourself!

The Dream Team

Venue - Escobar

Photography & Cinematography - Lightbucket Productions

Decor - Flower Lab

Engagement Favours - Lighthaus Candle,Papabubble

Hairstylist - Simran Shah