Aveena And Alissa - When Love Swiped Right!

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Here’s a heartwarming love story that bloomed right out of a dating app! Aveena and Alissa met each other on Bumble in 2017. While Alissa had taken great care in writing her profile description, Aveena on the other hand, didn’t write anything at all and nor did she read the one written by Alissa! However, it was Aveena who messaged Alissa as soon as they matched and wasted no time in asking her out. The rest, as they say, is history!

Talking about their initial phase of courtship, they say, “Our first date was a dinner that lasted 3.5 hours; we were both amazed by how easily the conversation flowed and that our interests, values, and humor aligned so well.”

Knowing that this was meant to be forever, Aveena wasted no time in proposing to Alissa at the Chamber’s Bay Park- one of their favourite date spots.

Although the couple initially did face the hurdles of social intolerance, it was love that triumphed, with Aveena and Alissa tying the knot in a beautiful ceremony hosted in Washington. 

Talking about the process of planning their wedding, the couple says, “Since we both wanted a shorter engagement period, it only led to the planning and decision making process being expedited! From designing the sign boards to our bridesmaid bouquets, the team really did a stellar job in making all our visions come to life. We wanted our wedding to feel modern and romantic, with touches of both our cultures. The venue was industrial-inspired with wood textures and high, exposed beam ceilings, and we added plenty of flowers and candles to ensure the space felt intimate and warm. Two days before the wedding, we hosted a Mehndi party to which we both wore lehengas, and our guests were absolutely thrilled to participate in some of the traditional aspects of Indian weddings.”

The couple decided to have a beautiful cross cultural wedding ceremony with elements from both cultures. Talking about executing the ceremony, they add, “Chris, our officiant, led the two of us through communion during the ceremony. Providing some context to our ritual for people who weren’t familiar with it, he encouraged attendees to use sometime to do whatever felt meaningful to them, whether it was praying, sending us good energy, or simply being mindful. 

The happiest moment of their lives - finally being able to exchange vows and be bound to each other was definitely an overwhelming experience for the couple. Alissa says, “When we did lock eyes, it was such an intense, intimate feeling despite being surrounded by so many people. Aveena’s favorite moment was when our officiant pronounced us married, and we kissed as wives around all our loved ones.”

Aveena adds, “Alissa describes it as a moment of resolve following all the oppression she felt growing up in a conservative community. It was wonderful to feel like that fight was over, and we could celebrate our new family with joy.”

The Dream Team

Venue - Cast Iron Studios

Photography - Carley Jayne Photography

Hair & Makeup - Lisun Goh Beauty

Invitations - Zola

Wedding Planner - Bright Events

Outfits - Lovely Bride