Harmit And Varun - A Match Made In Err.. Another Wedding!

Published by - The Wed Post | 13 minute read

Harmit and Varun's story begins in Goa when they met each other at their best friends’ wedding. Harmit was the bride's maid of honor while Varun was the groom's best man.

The couple's first encounter was at the Sangeet after-party where about 30 people were crammed into Varun’s hotel room. Completely bowled over since the first time he laid his eyes on her, Varun decided to modestly, stand up on the table and announce to the whole room that one day he would marry this girl, all the while pointing at Harmit! The rest, as they say, is history!

Their wedding celebrations comprised of 7 grand ceremonies - the welcome dinner, haldi, mehndi, sangeet, the Sikh Anand Karaj, Hindu Pheras and a reception.

Each ceremony, adorned with spectacular decor and happy faces made for some gorgeous pictures and an enthralling film by Happy Flashbacks by Noopur and Anish!