Karishma and Shravan – A beautiful wedding in the backwaters of Kerala

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If you’re looking for an unconventional love-at-first-sight story, you’ve come to the right place! Karishma and Shravan’s story is nothing but heart-warming. You know those stories which are all about love at first time? Their story is something similar, but with a little twist. It was actually Karishma’s father who met Shravan at a party – and those ‘I found the perfect son-in-law’ thoughts just kept going through his head all evening. After some convincing, the two decided to meet. Karishma and Shravan were supposed to meet for lunch, which they did, except this lunch carried on for 10 glorious hours and continued till dinner.

“After that, it was all just smooth sailing. If we could manage to like each other’s company for the first 10 hours, then a lifetime would be a piece of cake,” Karishma says, and we couldn’t agree with her more. Call it a gut feeling or just plain old intuition; it took this couple 10 hours, which probably felt like 10 minutes, to fall in love and realise that they’re ready to take the next step and spend the rest of their lives together.

The wedding events

The couple had 5 wedding functions – a haldi and sangeet on day one, the muhurtham on day two, the wedding on day three, the reception on day four and a beachside party on day five.

The theme

Every function had a theme – a theme to have a perfect function. They followed the required rituals to the tee while having a crazy amount of fun! For the couple, it was all about spending their most special days with the most special people in their lives.

The planning

This couple was really good at planning because they started their wedding planning merely 6 months before the big day. Karishma being the rather organized one, had her bridal outfits, hair stylist, makeup artist, jewellery; and pretty much everything else sorted much in advance. Shravan, on the other hand, managed to pull it all together just 2 days before the wedding! “On the day, not just me, everyone couldn’t take their eyes off the groom!”. Maybe the trick to looking so dapper is making it all happen last minute? And of course, a loving fiancé helps too!

Favourite event

The couple knew they wanted to be married where they belong. So, they chose a serene and beautiful waterside venue at Taj Vivanta Bekal, Kerala where Karishma and Shravan decided to tie the knot while the sun was setting over the backwaters. How perfect does that sound?

All about the insider fun

So, as luck had it, one of the functions was on a dry day. But, that dry day had nothing on this organised couple! They managed to get alcohol for their function even though there was no alcohol available throughout the state and made sure the party didn’t stop! We’re inspired Karishma and Shravan, we really are.

The Dream Team

Venue - Taj Vivanta Bekal, Kerala

Hair & Makeup - Megha Wadekar,Sahitya Shetty

Photographer & Cinematographer - Lightbucket Productions

Decor - https://www.instagram.com/glitz_entertainment/?hl=en

Mehendi Artist - Zulfa

Invitations - Saras Design Studio by Karunya

Wedding Planner - Moulding dreams

Bride’s Outfits - Mehendi – Anushree

Sangeet - Tarun Tahilliani

Muhurta saree - Vijayalakshmi silks

Wedding saree - Angadi Galleria,Bangalore

Wedding blouse - Latha Puttanna,Bangalore

Reception - Kresha Bajaj

Party - Tarun Tahilliani

Groom’s Outfits - Sangeet – Shyamal & Bhumika,Muhurta – Anita Dongre,Wedding – Dhruv Vaish,Reception – Y&O Bangalore