Purnima and Divyam – A long distance romance

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How they met

According to Purnima, “When it comes to couples in long-distance relationships, a promise to stay dependable and dedicated to your significant other is the key to a successful relationship.” The story of Purnima, who was in England and her soulmate Divyam, who’s from Toronto, was a long road to happiness. For many, long-distance is an impossible task, but this couple is proof enough to show us that commitment and respect for your partner can totally make inter-continental relationships work.

Having gotten introduced by her father to Divyam, Purnima who was in England at the time, bonded with him through the years over a mutual love for books and travel. A friendship that started from the love of wanderlust, soon grew into a full-fledged romance over time between flights through Toronto and London, when they’d visit each other.

The Proposal

As their relationship grew over the years, a proposal was obviously on the cards! Being the impatient one, Purnima admits, “I had a problem with sniffing out surprises and ruining them for myself.” But the way it happened completely threw her off-guard!

On what appeared to be a regular date night at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the city of Toronto, when Divyam mentioned that the restaurant had the world’s highest wine cellar a few floors up, Purnima, being a connoisseur of wine obviously wanted to check it out. While she went on to walk around and see the wine collection in the dimly lit room, a corner of the cellar was decorated with balloons and a champagne bottle. After a few quiet moments in the dark, when she turned around to ask someone to switch on a few more lights, there he was, on his knees, asking her to marry him!

The Wedding

Coming from two different cities of India, the couple had to make a choice when it came to a location for the wedding. Since they’d both grown up and lived abroad for most of their lives, getting married in India meant a lot to them and their respective families. The wedding took place in Hisar, where Purnima’s grandparents live. The decor was simple and elegant and their entire focus was to have an intimate wedding where they could enjoy and celebrate the union of the two families with their loved ones and that’s exactly what you’ll see in the pictures too. “It was the abundance of emotion, the toasts, the singing, dancing, and the incredible feeling of being truly blessed and loved.” says Purnima.

Her advice for brides planning their weddings?

Don’t be too stressed about things not working out while planning or on the day. Whatever happens, just go with it and it will be a breeze. And make sure that during your wedding, you just absorb all the emotions and the love, cause this happens only once!

The Dream Team

Photography - Dhanika Choksi Photography

Makeup Artist for the Wedding - Mehak Arora

Bride’s Outfits - Wedding – Frontier Raas ,Mehendi and Sangeet – Hisar, Shapur Jat, Chandni Chowk