Sasha and James - A Dreamy, Cross-Cultural Union In Mexico

Published by - The Wed Post | 10 minute read

Running into each other at the University of California in 2011 was all that it took for Sasha and James to become inseparable parts of each other’s lives. Friendship blossomed into love as the couple started spending all their time together before ‘the odds of life’ finally hit them! However, 3 years of long-distance didn’t take the couple’s hearts any farther as they only grew in love with each other!

As Sasha quotes, “Absence really does make the hearts grow fonder!”

Fast forward to year 2018. Four days after returning to California, James, without wasting much time, directly dived to his knees asking for Sasha’s hand in marriage.

The rest, as they say, is history!

The couple married twice in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, in Indian and Western ceremonies, to incorporate the traditions of both their cultures! The 5-event celebration was a dreamy mix of colours, cultures and emotions.

Don’t believe our words, check these gorgeous pictures yourself…