Savina and Vivek - As Destiny Had It Planned…

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While a simple four lettered word- ‘love’ has the power to encompass all the myriad of feelings that one experiences after meeting the person they were always meant for, sometimes a thousand books and a million movies fail at articulately elucidating what it truly means! 

Such is the story of Savina and Vivek, a tale that simply cannot be bound in the limits of narration. From being friends to best friends to long distance best friends to lovers and then life partners, the couple’s story is a wonderful treat for all the hopelessly romantic hearts out there. 

Reminiscing and reliving the journey of having found her happily ever after, here is bride Savina taking us through her love story-

“Year 2007. Vivek had just moved to Chennai from Bangkok for pursuing high school and that is when we instantly became friends. From being schoolmates to best friends in college, life, then, was all about having fun. We were making the most of this beautiful carefree time of our lives sitting by the beach, discovering new places to eat, ,pranking each other and our friends, taking road trips, literally spending the entire day together and still having endless conversations at night. Life was at its best when our tiny little bubble of happiness burst and life happened!

Once Vivek had his degree in hand, it was time for him to move to Hong Kong and join his parents for good. I too wanted to pursue my dream of film making and decided to move to Mumbai.  

However, although we parted ways,  we always knew that nothing can come in the way of our friendship. We made a pact to meet at least once a year, come what may! And so we did, every year!

We were now long distance BFFs! Without the daily meetings,everyday chats and long mid night conversations, we were also battling a 3 hour time difference and jobs that kept us busy round the clock.

However, as destiny had it planned, Vivek once called and asked me to take a trip to Hong Kong. Little did I know then that this call would change our lives forever. 

So I sat on that plane,took that leap of faith and went to my best friend but returned back knowing that I have been knocking on all the wrong doors when love was just round the corner, enclosed in a great friendship, waiting to blossom!

From being high school pranksters, to curious adolescents, to taking our chances at love, our story has been surreal.”

Savina and Vivek got married twice in Chennai in a Catholic white wedding followed by a Hindu Gujarati ceremony. 

Talking about how she planned the big day, Savina says, “We wanted a magical wedding right on the beach, as that’s where we spent most of our days in Chennai- at the beach, with the wind in our hair, jabbering endlessly through the evening.

We picked a resort that too was very close to our hearts. It was the same place where our friends threw us our combined farewell party before Vivek moved to Hong Kong and I left for Mumbai. We wanted everything to be personalised and hence got our extremely talented friends  to be part of the hustle. Right from the planning, decor, bookings, photography to anchoring we made sure that everything was done by our close ones.”

Savina and Vivek’s intimate wedding celebration planned and executed end to end by their closest folks was indeed as beautiful as their love story that spanned over 10 years, 3 cities and 2 countries. All the gorgeous chaos that ensued was captured perfectly by the team of Chennai based Jugaad. Scroll down to have a look…

The Dream Team

Photography - Jugaad