Sunita and Sunny - A Heartwarming Home Wedding In Bengaluru

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From salsa lessons to a heartwarming home wedding in Bengaluru, Sunita and Sunny’s love story is a journey every millennial heart would relate to! Shot by Nikhil Shastri, their intimate ceremony hosted at the bride’s picturesque home was a beautiful cross-cultural experience. Here’s the bride taking us through her memories. 

“Sunny and I were both salsa dancers and we met at a salsa class in London only to realise that we had a lot of common interests. From scuba diving to taking dance classes together, we got along really well and started spending a lot of time together. Our love story was in full bloom and we were both lost in our sweet bubble, with no worries about the future. 

However, just before we were planning our regular annual visit to India in December last year, we got an ultimatum from our parents asking us to get married in our upcoming trip. The rest is history!”

Talking about what made her opt for an intimate home wedding, Sunita says, “I find my home in Bangalore very peaceful and calm and it’s the space that keeps me grounded. I had always thought of getting married at home but considering the size of Indian weddings I never thought it would be possible. However, when I actually put this idea out to my sisters they were thrilled and we decided to go ahead with it. Keeping the guest list short meant you only have your closest ones around. Although not the easiest thing to do, it is definitely something I am proud of! During the wedding, every direction I looked at was full of people I love the most. From my best friends from school to my nieces and nephews and my sisters and other close family members, the short guestlist ensured that we had only and only our favourite people with us while we exchanged vows!”

The idea to have an intimate home wedding worked brilliant for the couple. With some elegant minimal decor put together by Purple Rings, the bride’s house was turned into a gorgeous floral haven as seen in these stunning clicks captured by Nikhil. However, the bride didn’t stop here while planning the wedding of her dreams.

Having lost her parents, Sunita ensured that their loving presence and blessings were constantly with her through the ceremony. She adds, “I planned to wear my mum's wedding saree which was beautiful and very sentimental for me. Although it was not in the best shape at the time, I was completely smitten by its rich luscious colour and I simply didn’t want to wear anything other than it. My sister ran pillar to post to have it restored and some of the most expert restorers refused to touch it considering its age and delicateness. Finally the guy who used to alter my clothes when I was in college made it happen for me! The saree is 50 years old and he ensured that it looked absolutely new and ravishing!”

Although having had a cross-cultural marriage, Sunita, lovingly appreciates her groom’s efforts in preparing for the South Indian ceremony. Reminiscing her favourite moments from the wedding, she adds, “Sunny is Punjabi so it took a bit of convincing to make him get into a traditional Panche (Dhoti) but he looked every inch a South Indian after wearing it.”

“When the baraat entered our street we had the Punjabi dhol players welcoming them. Seeing all the south Indians in Kanjeevarams dancing bhangra literally stopped traffic in Koramangala!”, laughs Sunita. 

Personal, sentimental and moving is how Sunita summarises her entire of having an intimate home wedding. “I can’t begin to explain the nostalgia of having the wedding at our home, the place that has a thousand happy memories. To take my vows and to spend my life with Sunny at the place I love the most- it was indeed a dream come true!”.

The Dream Team

Photography - Nikhil Shastri

Wedding Planner - Purple Rings

Makeup Artist - Anurita Chandrappa