Viraj & Gopika – A fresh floral bloom inspired wedding

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Quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald, Viraj describes Gopika as, “She’s the beginning of everything… she’s the big bang of my existence, quite overwhelming, indomitable, a touch scary at times, I’m incomplete without her.”

First, a little background. Viraj comes from an academic background whereas Gopika belongs to a rather traditional Punjabi family. In the groom’s family, having a court marriage was the norm. In the bride’s family, nothing short of a happening Punjabi wedding was acceptable. Viraj was pretty certain he wanted to go down the Punjabi wedding route (who wouldn’t?) and Gopika knew she wanted a fairytale wedding, “I want it to be magical, beautiful and peachy” she said, so they decided to do just that. Scroll on to get a peek into the #HereViGo wedding…

The wedding functions

The couple had three wedding functions a sangeet, a mehendi and a wedding.

The theme

As Gopika said, her fairytale had to be peachy, and it was. Their wedding was inspired by fresh florals in full bloom.

The planning

Thankfully for Viraj and Gopika, they had two of the best wedding planners in the world – the bride’s two aunts, Rohini and Radhika. They planned and executed the whole wedding, from the bridal jewellery to the bride’s entry, from the tastiest food to the best quality cutlery, these two made sure that everything was top notch. When you have family who can plan so meticulously, who needs a wedding planner?

Favourite event

Without a doubt, one of the most memorable and picturesque moments was Gopika’s bridal entry. Gopika’s aunt Radhika created a jaimala soundtrack to which Gopika made her entry. Blushing in peach, the bride walked into the venue to the melodious voice of her aunt wearing a 14-foot long trail which was lifted by her bridesmaids with her twin brother by her side. When it comes to creating a fairytale entrance, Gopika and her aunts managed to perfect just that!

The Dream Team

Photographer + Cinematographer - Beginnings for you

Venue - Hotel Vista, M.G. Road, Gurgaon

Hair and Makeup - Gaurav Chawla & Luna, Savleen

Decor - Rustling leaves

Caterers - Cuisines N Concepts

Wedding planner - Rohini and Radhika Bhushan

Bride’s outfits - Frontier Raas,Sabyasachi,Frontier Raas

Groom’s outfits - Indigo