The wedding of your dreams, at home!

The Wed Post is thrilled to introduce #WeddingsAtHome, an initiative to help couples across India get married at home, effortlessly! We, along with our handpicked brigade of the best vendors from your city, assure the perfect intimate wedding celebration, all within the safe confines of your home!


Helps you and your family stay safe!

Let’s get real - with the situation in terms of the pandemic going from bad to worse, we can’t even think about stepping out or celebrating for that matter safely outside! An intimate wedding with your closest, trusted folks around helps you stay away from the threat of the virus, all while still enjoying a beautiful wedding at home!

Celebrate with the ones who really matter!

Unpopular opinion, but we do believe that a wedding is a very personal affair! Close knit #WeddingsAtHome give you a chance to celebrate the happy occasion with the ones who are the closest to you. Nothing like a warm, intimate home-affair that gives you the chance to have everyone you love, around you, celebrating your union!

Save money!

Who doesn’t like saving an extra buck! A home wedding with only a limited number of guests will help you save a large amount of money that usually gets splurged on logistics, accommodation, entertainment, etc! Not only will this ensure that you get the services of the best vendors in your city, you can also rest assured knowing that every penny you spend is used optimally!

Stress free!

Because we take care of it all! Imagine a heart-warming, personal wedding minus the stress of planning every little detail. Here’s the perfect choice for couples who want their big day to be a hassle-free affair! Also with a trusted team of wedding professionals, known to be the best at their job, your wedding is sure to be executed way better than you ever imagined it to be!